Mark Dirk Pot born June 26, 1981 is a Dutch freelance animator/designer. Choosing a career as a designer/animator wasn't a big surprise, by the fact that he grew up in a family with creative influences. During his studies at the Grafische Lyceum Rotterdam (2000 - 2004) as a designer , he followed in the summer of 2003 a four week animation course at the New York Film Academy. After his trip to the New York Film Academy he graduated at the Grafische Lyceum Rotterdam. Still fascinated by animation he went to the Willem De Kooning Academie to study animation. In 2009 he graduated as an Animator and Motion Graphics artist with the animated short "Sully and Bully", a three minutes short about a geek who buys a time machine to take revenge on the bully from the past. As a second assignment for his graduation, he made two station bumpers for the broadcast company City Media Rotterdam. These bumpers have been broadcasted in public places around Rotterdam.
After graduating at the Willem the Kooning Academy Mark received his first independent assignment from Vera Jurhend "a jazz singer" who asked him to make a video clip for her single "Always something" for her debut album " Leave a line". The video was broadcast in the summer of 2010 on the local tv station RTV Rijnmond Rotterdam.
  • 2011 Video wall: Braincheck
  • 2010  Video clip: Vera "Always Something"
  • 2009  City Media Rotterdam Animated Bumper
  • 2009 Animated short Sully and Bully Time Cube
  • 2008 Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei - Ambasadeurs van de vrijheid.
  • 2008 Rotterdam Classics
  • 2003 Back Space